Then Again

by Deirdre Flint

Released 2002
Released 2002
Songs about Pacers, really cool nuns and getting high on ditto sheets. Rabid Nancy Drew fans will love it.
This second CD of the short yet viable former elementary school teacher includes tales of the ex's new love (gorgeous and accomplished) star-crossed lovers (what's a gal with a Trent Lott poster to do with a guy who wears Birkenstocks?), 1-900 numbers for responding to that first date (featuring Eric Schwartz!) way cool nuns, and lots of Aaron Spelling references.

Recalling the wacky-pack mode of “not knowing what you've bought til you've ripped open the cover," this CD is actually one of FOUR CDs. The song Jenny of 100 Dates has four different endings. Jenny finds her true love on her hundredth date- is it the Conservative Republican? The Country Mormon? The Washed up Rink Guard from her Local Rollerama?? Someone unexpected? You'll just have to find out. Collect all four!


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